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Individual Tax

Life changes. You may get married, have children, inherit family assets or start a business. Maybe it’s all of the above. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated and knowledgeable CPA looking out for you. 
The team at CarlsonSV is rooted in the communities we serve. We treat clients like our neighbors because many of them are. We’ve seen the benefits of tax planning that help families preserve and pass on wealth to the next generation. We have also witnessed what happens without planning.  
Choose a smart, individual tax strategy that evolves with your life. Our services include:
  • Basis calculations
  • Employment or contractor tax form guidance
  • Estimated tax payment calculations
  • Individual or joint tax preparation and filing
  • Individual tax exemptions, withholding or deduction guidance
  • Real estate gain or loss calculations
  • State property tax or renters refund filing
  • Tax research
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Do you own a business or plan to start one? View our Business Tax page.

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